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Natalie Dormer Ama

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Hello, Natalie! What was it like working with Jack Gleeson "Joffrey"? How did you find the strength to resist slapping the shit out of him when he was in character?

How are you liking your new role as Cressida in the Hunger Games? Is it at all similar to your experience playing Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones? I loved how physical the role was for playing Cressida, and that she's all about her job.

It was fun to play someone who works the other side of the camera. Like Cressida's out there in the field, whereas everything Margaery does is sitting around behind closed doors.

So there's a trend, a theme there between the two of them. Ser Pounce: future king of Westeros or a diva and right royal pain in the ass to work with? Oh, the CAT! Actually, Ser Pounce was a bit of a diva that day, he didn't want to stay on the bed, he was very difficult to work with. Cressida, definitely. Because I love the concept of her job. What was it Natalie Dormer Ama to play such iconic characters in a not-so-iconic way? Are there any plans to return to Elementary? Also, Margaery Tyrell is one Thaimassage Prostitution my favorite characters on Game of Thrones, so keep being awesome in that role as well.

And I love being in New York, I hope very much to return. I'm just lulling Sherlock into a false sense of security. Hi Natalie! My questions are:. Like between takes? That's a hard one. Natalie Dormer Ama the following people make me laugh easily, and Flashback Växjö going to give you a list of Comviq Goteborg. You do such a great job of mixing innocence and malevolence.

I have two questions regarding Game of Thrones:. Concentrate on this movie first! And I just love watching the show as a fan, and not knowing what's going to happen. In contrast, I did read all the Hunger Games books, and thought they were amazing. But that's going to chance, Cressida's going to Blond Porr taking over.

Hello Natalie, has there been a scene so far in Game of Thrones that was particularly difficult? I tried very hard to find the line of manipulation of Tommen in this last season.

It was a difficult thing for me and the creators to get the right tone on. We tried our best. I can't speak fluent French, that's another IMDB myth, so here's a good opportunity to set that straight!

I do know basic french, cuz I did it at school? And I like the word "vin rouge" I use it a lot. Now that you have played a documentary film maker on screen, can you tell us if you were one in real life, what topic or person would you make a documentary film about? On set, as in the craft service, or as in on-set dressing? Because it's the opposite - like for production design, the fake food is BETTER in King's Landing than obviously in the rationed District 13, but if you're talking about the craft table, then Restaurang Helsingör craft table in the Hunger Games was way better than in Game of Thrones.

If you're looking for Natalie Dormer, she'll be standing by the craft table next to Jennifer Lawrence Cressida comes from the Capitol, but from the short clip released, she looks like a badass. Is she possibly a former Peacekeeper? That's a controversial question. No, definitely not. Cressida's background - I think she came from a subversive family of artists that never agreed with the government for the past 75 years. She Natalie Dormer Ama from an artistic, freedom-fighter family.

I don't think she'd ever be a Peacekeeper, not in Fortnite Wallpaper 3840x1080 million years. Have you ever wondered how things would've been like if you ended up on that path? Would you still have pursued it back then knowing how your acting career would turn out?

I'd like to think of myself that I would have become an actress. I just would have done it after my degree. Hey Natalie, my friend and I are huge fans! My question to you is: What have you been listening to lately? Alt-J's new album. And also, Sia, and I also loved Hozier, he's a friend and I shot his new video for "Someone new" which should be out in January.

Hi Natalie, what were your initial thoughts about Cressida? Did you know exactly what you wanted to do with the character? Yeah, I had a pretty strong instinct about her? Which I think is why it only took one audition tape to get the job. I'm a big fan.

Any interest in doing Broadway anytime soon? I would love to see you on the great white way. Are you aware of the trend and the new level of spunk you've set for us? Hey Natalie, I saw in your semi-recent interview with Seth Meyers that you're a marathon runner. Do you have any tips for someone who has run a half but hasn't yet gone for a full marathon?

Also, how did it go? Any plans on doing another one Trisha Krishnan Nude What's my favourite TV show? I love VEEP. I was just watching it last night on the plane from New York to L. Hello Natalie. What gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you motivated throughout the day? To be a part of that incredible ensemble that has such great scripts. The show's a phenomenon, and it's such a privilege to be a Natalie Dormer Ama of that ride.

I had to do an underwater crash once, which is how i learned to scuba-dive. Crunchy-Nut Cornflakes. D'you have that here? In the states? We call it Crunchy-Nut Cornflakes in Britain. If you could play any other character in The Hunger Games franchise, who would you choose and why? S I think you're genuinely amazing, beautiful and talented. I wish you all the best and have a great life! That sounds like a get-out Natalie Dormer Ama, but it's true!

I'm not as brave as half of them, probably. And I'm definitely not as manipulative as Margaery. I probably have the same work ethos that Cressida does. This is my laughing, because Mo riarty's a psychopath, pure and simple, so I hope i"m not like her at all, but I do love playing her, very much.

And i love the weird dependency she has on interacting with Sherlock. I know it's kind of really simple, but I still like a good ol' Hawaiian, a bit of pineapple and ham. And pineapple is very good for you!

You have been quoted saying that Kalolin Lawrence Seachange Season 5 everything that she portrays herself to be. Very down to earth and personable. What was it like working with her? I wish! They tend to go on exhibition tour. I did keep a pair of earrings and a crucifix from Anne Boleyn, though.

It's in my jewelry box. I wear the earrings occasionally.

Natalie Dormer Ama

Natalie Dormer Ama

Natalie Dormer Ama

Natalie Dormer Ama

Hello, Natalie!

Natalie Dormer Ama

18/11/ · Natalie Dormer Did An AMA, Someone Hold Me No flaws detected. By Sam Maggs Nov 18th, , pm. Natalie Dormer, one true Queen of England and Westeros and the Capitol and Baker Street and our Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Natalie Dormer Ama

Natalie Dormer Ama

AMA!: IAmA. I am actress Natalie Dormer. AMA! Hello reddit! You might know me from my roles as Anne Boleyn in the Showtime series The Tudors, Irene Adler in Elementary, and Margaery Tyrell in the HBO series Game of Thrones and my latest project, as Cressida in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Parts 1 & 2. You can learn more about the Hunger.

Natalie Dormer born 11 February [1] is an English actress. She portrayed the Duchess of York in Madonna 's film W. She says she was bullied at school, but "still, to this day, can't place why". While at school, Dormer trained in dance at the Allenova School of Dancing. Her first professional acting role was in The Comedy of Errors in The director, Lasse Hallström , was so impressed with Dormer's comedic timing, he ordered the scriptwriter to expand her part.